The main idea of my latest collection was to show the INTERDISCIPLINARITY OF ART and that it has no borders. In this case, my aim was to translate paintings into another field, which is jewellery. PRECIOUS STONES, a series of four paintings by ALPHONSE MUCHA was the direct inspiration. Most commonly, paintings are considered to be the final pieces, the objects to admire, yet, following the path of other artists and jewellers including Wendy Ramshaw and her collection Picasso’s Ladies, I wanted to prolong the painting’s life by taking it to another dimension and adding own emotions and interpretation. There were several aspects of Mucha’s paintings which made me choose them:

  • The theme of PRECIOUS STONES and depicting them in a DELICATE and feminine way which is already creating a dialogue with jewellery as gems are mostly used in this field;
  • The harmony of the opposites: GEOMETRY and NATURE. Both motives are frequent in the paintings, yet seem to be complementing each other instead of defying;
  • REPETITIONS, most visible in the geometric patterns;
  • MOVEMENT, which can be observed in dynamic poses, fabrics worn by models, their hair as well as in the plants and the optical effects created by the geometric forms;
  • The aesthetics of ART NOUVEAU: DECORATIVENESS, high volume of intricate DETAILS but also the influence of the JAPANESE ART.

Putting together all these elements mentioned above, I have created a jewellery collection. It consists of delicate pieces built with four main parts:

  • ORIGAMI FLOWERS – geometrised nature, showing the union between these two opposites but also referring to the Japanese influence;
  • Branches – supporting and joining the flowers, a direct reference to nature;
  • Gemstones – TOPAZ, RUBY, AMETHYST and EMERALD, the choice dictated by the paintings;
  • FILIGREE – referring to the ornaments and curvy lines characteristic for the Art Nouveau.


The collection was photographed by Natalia Poniatowska: